Bosch-Rexroth Valves

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Rexroth Repair

Should you repair your Bosch-Rexroth Valve? How long will it take.Same day repair and return shipping available. At no extra cost.

Rexroth Reman’s

Save up to 80% off from the price of a  new Rexroth valve. Great option if delivery Time of new valve is weeks away.

New Rexroth Valves

We stock over 600 models of new Bosch-Rexroth proportional valves, and servo valves. Legacy model replacements as well.

Sending Your Rexroth Valve In For Repair?

From the very beginning, IRG8 believes in creating an atmosphere of open communication. Regardless if it is a servo valve or proportional valve our labs are ready. If the Rexroth valve requires the same day repair and turn time, all we ask is to let us know. If possible, please email us the tracking number so we can be on the lookout for it, to pull and get into the valve repair lab as soon as it comes in. Once your Bosch-Rexroth valve has been expected, we will contact you to get approval for the repair. In that same day, the repair is completed and shipped back to your location. Then the UPS/FedEx tracking number is emailed to you.

We Buy Valves

We are always looking for valves. Valves you no longer use? Trade them in for repair credit or cash.

Worldwide Shipping

You can trust your valve is in good hands with our international shipping desk.


Valve Manufactures We Serve


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Many Manufactures

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Bosch – Rexroth Series 

  • 4WRA
  • 4WRAE
  • 4WRE
  • 4WREE
  • 4WREF
  • 4WREQ
  • 4WRZ
  • 4WRZE
  • 4WRH
  • 5WRZ
  • 5WRZE
  • 5WRH
  • 4WRHM
  • 4WRZM
  • 4WRZEM
  • 4WRKE
  • 4WRLD
  • 4WRLE
  • 4WRVE
  • 4WRGE
  • 4WRTE


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